Island Chef Pepper Co.

Vincent Capitano is a culinary gold medallist winning, Executive Sous Chef hailing from British Columbia, Canada. When not cooking at Government House, Vincent has been using his culinary skills in the hot sauce world, making sauces, jellies and seasonings. Island Chef Pepper Co. was created off the back of a hugely successful hot sauce for a charity project. 100% of the runs profits went into funding education initiatives, scholarships and feeding the local community.

It’s always a pleasure to work alongside Vincent. Building up the branding for Island Chef Pepper Co. was far from laborious and a really fun ride.  After putting our heads together we have come up with a great, eye-catching logo and the overall aesthetic for the brand. We think its worthy of the amazing products that Vincent has perfected and honed to his expert taste.

Island Chef Pepper Co. is stocked in a number of Canadian supermarkets, as well as a regular stand at many farmers markets. Products can also be purchased through the Island Chef website linked below.

Island Chef Pepper Co. is a handcrafted hot sauce and jelly manufacturer that focuses on full flavour and intense heat products. Carefully crafted to ensure it is the perfect addition to your meal.