Building a great rapport with my clients is at the forefront of every job I take on. My clients are a huge part of the design process and I do my best to make sure they are included throughout every stage of a project. As much as I enjoy having free reign on a project, some client input is absolutely vital to the success of a design, big or small.

Please read some testimonials I have received from clients all across the globe about their experiences working with me and how they rate the service that I provide.

If I have completed some work for you recently and you would like to leave me a short testimonial, please send them HERE.

Steve was so easy to work with! He listened to what I wanted, asked questions, and helped me take my vague idea of a logo design and create a polished, unique, and beautiful finished product.

He was always quick to respond and open to any tweaks I wanted to make along the way. I highly recommend him and his work!

C V Waveren

Steve does very fast, excellent work and will happily work with you to make sure the design is something you are happy with. We went through multiple iterations on a hot sauce label and he was always ready to accommodate any changes I wanted to see.

B Coppens

First off, I want whoever is reading this to understand that there is a 10 hour time difference between myself and Steve. This was never an issue and the amount of professionalism, pride, attentiveness and skill that went into creating my companies branding was so palpable that I could taste it from across the ocean. Steve Stark Designs is who you want behind your company. I gave Steve a skeleton idea of what I was looking for and it was as if he tapped into my brain and brought my vision to life. He was so amazing to work with that I will be returning to him for all future products, special features etc as long as he is willing.

Doing work with Steve was such a positive experience that I was honestly sad when the project finished and I look forward to our next works. He is a thoughtful, talented and professional individual who even checked up on me and my family during the pandemic. We came into this project as strangers and I left it feeling as if I had a friend. 100/10, will work with again. What are you waiting for! Get him to bring your vision to life!

V Capitano

Steve has been helping with label designs for our upcoming homebrew range.

Now a lot of people think “meh, just a label” but Steve, he got it. He understood that our labels would become part of the brand and more importantly he understood his work would in turn become a window of expression from us and our project to the world. He understood that we might be a little restricted with our creative ability in the design field, but that we had a vision, and he worked tirelessly to bring that out of us and to deliver.

So, if you are after a designer that is quick to respond, creative and open to ideas and most importantly willing to work with you as a partner in your project, I can’t recommend Steve enough.

B Boland

Hire Steve, he is the man and will get it done, going above and beyond expectations.

I’m a real estate agent and I knew I was working with someone special when Steve proactively reached out to me online to see if I could use his graphic design services. I hired him to create a beautiful rendering of a client’s newly purchased home and not only did the image exceed expectations, but it was also delivered in a remarkable amount of time despite an 8-hour timezone difference. I can’t tell you how many graphic designers I’ve used who take their sweet time on projects, Steve is not like that. He asked questions to get a solid understanding of my needs and demonstrated his professional skill by delivering more than what was asked of him.

Since that first project, our relationship has developed further and I am proud to call Steve a friend and recommend him to my colleagues, bar none.

B Laurie

Steve was helpful, knowledgeable, and showcased talent I hadn’t ever worked with.

Steve’s greatest attribute is not only his artistic ability. It is his ability to take a vague concept and the words, “Can you just put something together?” and turn it into a design you didn’t know you needed. He is polite, fast, and doesn’t mind scrapping a design and starting fresh if he feels it’s not up to his standards.

I highly recommend Steve for anyone looking to add a unique label or piece of artwork to something they’re trying to spice up. His prices are the most reasonable of anyone I’ve worked with, and his turnaround time is exceptional. Steve is good people, and he does phenomenal work.

T Sloat

Steve has worked on numerous projects for our tattoo studio over the last 2 years. He has designed business cards, stickers, studio aftercare cards and more. Most recently Steve has designed the graphics for the exterior of our studio windows.

We are always impressed with the work he produces and will continue to use his services!

S Priest

We were looking for some artwork for our podcast and commissioned Steve Stark, he was sending drafts every step of the way, the final one we loved and came out even better than we envisioned. We would happily recommend Steve to any company or anyone looking for professionally drawn artwork.

J Deane

Steve designed some great artwork for our podcast. The designs are amazing and he did them super quick too!

C Donnelly